Solicitors 5years + qualified experience £220 per hour
Other qualified solicitors £200 per hour
Trainee solicitors £150 per hour

The majority of the criminal work that we do is done on legal aid. You may be able to qualify for legal dependant on the seriousness of your case and your income. Please contact us for information regarding legal aid eligibility.


Other areas of work are conducted on a fixed fee basis. This means that we agree a fee at the outset so that you are always aware of how much your case will cost. If further costs are likely to be incurred this will always be agreed with you before the work is undertaken.


Legal aid is not available for most driving matters. Our fees for driving matters will depend if the matter is contested or not. For a non contested magistrates court appearance our fees will be in the region of £1000. If the matter is contested our fees will be in the region of £2000. These estimates apply to cases within the Greater London area. The exact fee in your case will always be agreed with you before we commence the case.


We charge a fixed fee of £250 for an initial consultation. This covers seeing you at our office and considering your case and any documentation that you may already have. We will then give you an opinion on the strength of your case and the potential next steps. If our advice is to lodge an immigration application, and you instruct us to do so, then the consultation fee will be deducted from the cost of the application. Although it is difficult to give a precise figure as each case is different, the table below gives an indication of our fees for common applications. The exact fee in your case will always be agreed with you before we commence the application. Please note that our fees to not include disbursements, such as Home Office fees, they are legal fees for our work.

Travel Documents and Replacement of Residence Permits £500
Naturalisation / Citizenship application £1000
Visitor visa application £1000
Tier 4 Student Visa application £1000
PBS Dependant’s applications £1500
Long residence application FLR (LR) £1500
Indefinite Leave to Remain applications £2000
Leave to Remain under 20-year rule £2000
Asylum and Human rights applications £2500
EEA applicants for Residence Card £750
EEA Permanent Residence Card £1000
Application for Leave to Remain as a Partner or Parent of a British Child £2000
SET (M) and SET (O) application £1500


The fees above are exclusive of VAT. The rate of VAT is currently 20%. Clients based outside of UK are not subject to VAT..